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September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

More than 33,000 Americans were treated for sports-related eye injuries in 2017. A recent study, “Epidemiology of Sports-Related Eye Injuries in the United States,” found that patients with primary sports-related ocular trauma were most commonly male. And, the proportion of injuries resulting in impaired vision was highest for those injuries associated with paintball (10.2 percent), shooting an air gun (8.2 percent), racket sports (5.8 percent) and soccer (5.7 percent).

Kids are now back to school and start a new season of all type of sports activities. Parents might be concerned about the glasses they wear when playing sports.

Patients who wear standard eyewear during sporting activities are susceptible to severe eye injuries. Sports goggle is recommended for playing any contact sports. “Sport” can be a descriptive term for a frame style, but that doesn’t mean it passes sports eyewear standards. Some of you might have heard ANSI Z87 safety frame standard. However, ANSI Z87 is compliant only for workwear/industrial safety.

At Eminent Eye Care in Malden, we only offer brands that are compliant of ASTM F803 sports standard. Our sports eyewear combines sport styling, superior comfort and with exclusive V-Port Technology, which provides unsurpassed visual performance. The sports eyewears are fully Rxable. In case prescription is out of range, contact lens is another option. Wear prescription contact lenses with sports eyewear allow players to

have great peripheral vision and eye protection while playing sports.

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