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Dr Lu started her practice Eminent Eye Care LLC in Medford MA since 2011 shortly after graduation from New England College of Optometry (NECO). Recently her practice moves to Malden MA. She has received extensive training in both Optometry and Ophthalmology. Her optometry training includes primary eye care pediatric contact lens including orthokeratology, low vision and comanagement of laser vision correction and cataract.

Her training as an eye doctor actually started much earlier in 1997 when she graduated from Beijing Medical University She finished Ophthalmology residency program in the most prestigious hospital in China, Beijing Tongren Hospital Ophthalmic Center.


 During clinical training she had the opportunity to work with the best eye doctors in China being able to diagnose and manage various types of ocular diseases. She followed her husband to Boston in 2005 and work as a research scientist for 3 years. Then she decided to attend NECO to continue her career as an eye care provider in United States. 

Dr Lu's unique training background makes her very strong in early diagnosis and management of ocular diseases. Her clinical interest is in myopia and astigmatism control.  



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