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First Time Eye Exam Frustration

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

We understand you will have many questions after your eye exam. For example,

Are the glasses working?

Should I wear them all the time?

The frame keeps sliding down, what can I do?

I want to wear contact lenses. Am I too young?

I am diagnosed with myopia. Will my prescription get worse? How do I slow down progression?

Don’t worry, we got you all covered. We are here to help!

American Optometric Association recommends one eye exam every year. However, based on many years of clinical observation, Dr. Lu found it is not sufficient before you really understand and do the right thing for your eyes. Not all questions can be answered during the initial eye exam visit, especially for children. A timely follow up visit will identify problem area and give practitioner valuable information to determine if eyewear has been used properly, if treatment plan needs to be adjusted. Remember more uncorrected myopia will cause faster myopia progression.

Keep that in mind, we offer an optional follow up visit at 50% discount rate of routine eye exam. Feel free to give us a call in a couple of month if you have any question. Or schedule appointment on Choose appointment type follow up visit after first time exam.

Understand your eyes with personalized service at Eminent Eye Care!

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